Bounty and Airdrop Campaign

We are running Bounty Program on Trading Competition and Exchange Listing! Click here to join the Bounty:
Bounty Summary

1. Introduce coin & token developers to list their coins/tokens in our exchange – and earn 10% listing fee.
2. Register and drive other users to register in our Exchange and have them pass KYC and earn 30% of the traders’ transaction fees.
3. Register and trade in and drive other users to register and trade in
For any of the above three actions/services you rendered to us, you will earn 500 NTC to trade with USD, BTC, ETH, AFCASH pairs in our Exchange.
* Basically 500.00 NTC is $50,000.00 USD equivalent since 1 NTC = $100.00 USD.

1. You must register on and submit your unique referral link found in your user profile to @madeleinewinkler (Telegram) or mail it to and also provide same link to Bounty0X customer support for record purposes.
2. You must indicate in your communication that you are from Bounty0X platform.
3. Most importantly you must trade in one of the coin or fiat pairs listed in the Exchange at least one time. Volume of trade or amount is irrelevant.
4. You must join either our Telegram Group ( or our join/follow our Twitter page ( and remain in the group/page throughout the duration of the campaign. We hope you continue to stay in the group/page even after the Bounty Campaign is over.

Thank you for your support…